The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Artwork for Your House

Choosing artwork for your home can be overwhelming at times — you need to strike a fine balance between art that you personally like and art that will match and even enhance the aesthetic of the rooms it will be in.

There are several factors to keep in mind when you are choosing artwork to decorate a home. A good way to start is to first think of the effect you want to achieve with the artworks — whether the pieces are there to add colour to the space, to enhance a mood that you are creating, to enlarge a room, or to add some statement-making elements the space.

One key principle of maintaining minimalism, is to limit the variation of colours and textures as well as the number of items in each space. In the living room, I carried through the same marble used in the kitchen to create a beautiful sideboard with arched details. The cream from the dining table is mirrored in the sofa, and an enclosed fireplace creates an inviting mood in the space.  The patterns in the marble and the floor rug breathe life into the space without disrupting the serenity as they maintain the colour palette from the rest of the house.

Bigger works, such as the colourful portraits by Sophie Derrick or the subtle, abstract works by Beatrix Morales, can help enlarge a room. When it comes to creating a mood, I love the vibrant works by Abel Macia Studio, while Beatrix Morales’ creations are a good way to add some tranquillity to a room. I also worked a lot with the team at Studio Gallery and particularly like the striking photographs by Annelie Vandendale, the oil paintings by Kerry Armstong, and the colourful sculptural pieces by Matthew Buttworth.

It is also important to consider the mix of styles and sizes in your collection — it is good to have a good mix of styles so that there is a contrast, and so that each piece gets the attention it deserves. When you have various artworks done in a similar style, arranged in the same residence, it can look monotonous. Similarly, make sure there is variety in the sizes, having artworks all in a similar size and shape will look boring.

It is worth putting in a good amount of thought and consideration into the art that goes into your home, as a few well-chosen pieces can significantly elevate the look and feel of the interiors.

Crafting an opulent interior is more than simply collecting costly items – it’s a form of art.

In this guide, you will discover the intricate details of constructing a lavish interior and you will learn to create the perfect living space.
We will explore all aspects of design: materials and finishes, architectural features, furniture selection and placement, lighting fixtures to set a mood or emphasize artwork and so much more.
Luxury dining and living area in Rose Bay showing Fendi, Hermes and Mario Bellini architects furniture

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