The Everyday Brewery

The trend for premium boutique goods and services has been growing in demand against cookie cutter global brands. For this reason, craft beers and local independent breweries have been flourishing in the past few years as consumers are now looking for quality instead of quantity.

There are lots of opportunities for this industry to thrive in Australia, particularly in the regional areas where the demand for premium, innovative and diverse offerings is growing.

Lorena Gaxiola got to design the headquarters for Sunday Road, a locally owned and proudly independent brewery. In keeping with the independent spirit of brand, we wanted a design that stands out from the industrial look that is typically used by independent breweries nowadays.

We renovated the existing areas and expanded the interiors to include a new warehouse that would create a multi-purpose space ideal for any occasion, be it a wedding, a family outing, or a space for operations.

Other additions that we made to the space include:

-Functionality: We added new offices on the upper level, along with a common area for employees to enjoy
-More exposure to the brand: Exposure of the beer tanks in the main areas to draw the brand into the interiors.
-Refined lighting: We added unique lighting elements and focused on contrast and warm tones to create ambience at night.
-Elevating the design: We refined unique lighting elements, focused on contrast and warm tones to create ambience at night inside out

Our work for Sunday Road highlights the versatility and adaptability of the team at Lorena Gaxiola. Our team has the expertise and experience to come up with a compelling design for any space and Lorena Gaxiola will make sure to elevate your design from ordinary to extraordinary.

This bold luxury residence is located right on the waterfront in the beautiful green suburb of Lilyfield, just 6km west from the centre of Sydney.

This neighbourhood is enjoying a healthy rise in real estate value and locals are investing serious money to upgrade residential properties to suit the demand for luxurious and bespoke designs, with the added convenience of living in one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs.

To differentiate this project from the competition, Lorena Gaxiola employed the following elements:

BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE/ to differentiate it from the typical residential developments in the area.

BESPOKE FINISHES/ to evoke a sense of luxury, resulting in a residence that can enter the market with a multi-million-dollar residential valuation.

BLENDED INTERIORS/ to deliver a unique product offering in a traditional area.


living room with artwork, glass window and view