Lorena Gaxiola + Sunday road

Experience a unique fusion of art and flavour with our Mexican Lager, a collaborative creation by Lorena Gaxiola and Sunday Road Brewing. This exceptional beer combines the vibrant essence of Mexican artistic heritage with the laid-back, quality-driven ethos of Australian craft brewing.

Lorena Gaxiola, renowned for her ability to transform everyday elements into stunning art pieces, introduces the iconic imagery of the Mexican Alebrije into the design of this beer can. The Owl Alebrije, embodying the Mayan belief in intuition as a guiding force, reflects Lorena’s personal symbol of overcoming challenges and living a life led by inner wisdom.

This collaboration presents a vibrant celebration of cultures, melding the spirited artistic expression of Mexico with Australia’s passion for premium craft beer.

The result is not just a beer but an invitation to a cross-cultural fiesta, encapsulated in a can that promises an escape from the ordinary. Embrace the “Sunday Vibes” and the “Mexican Fiesta” with every sip of this ice-cold brew, a testament to the joyous blend of two distinct party cultures.

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