Stand Out with Brutalist Luxury

Sydney is one of the hottest property markets on the planet, with an average home selling for a seven-figure sum – even if it’s a home that you have to knock down and start again! 

Located in the waterfront suburb of Lilyfield in the city’s inner west, this rebuild project required masterful thinking to deliver a four-bedroom home that offers unrivalled comfort and sophistication.  

With a block length of 7.6m and neighbouring properties that are less than 0.5m from the boundary, preserving privacy while maintaining a connection to the outside was essential. In addition to the tight dimensions, there was a legal requirement to keep a 20-year-old eucalyptus tree that stood firmly within the perimeter of where the building needed to go.

Lorena Gaxiola wasn’t daunted by it and instead used it to her advantage. The tree became a focal point within a landscaped courtyard that provides natural light to every room adjoining it. 

By incorporating elements of brutalist architecture into the home, she made in stand out in a coveted property market. This style also allowed for the seamless integration of several design features necessary to enable the occupants to get the most out of the space. 

The bedrooms gain valuable natural light and glimpses of the eucalyptus tree from raised windows that create a sense of space while maintaining privacy. The footprint has been carefully utilised with built-in furniture that promote a sense of harmony between the structure and furnishings and enhance space efficiency. The kitchen is completely integrated into the cabinetry to produce a minimalist feel when it’s not in use and allow the open-plan area to be used in a more versatile way. 

There are custom-built shelves to fit a library in a hallway, to add character to a typically utilitarian thoroughfare and maximise storage. 

At the ground level are a wine cellar, pool room and a home theatre with a remarkable viewing window into the swimming pool. 

Polished concrete, natural stone, and reclaimed timber work in harmony to create a calm yet cosy feel to the home and offer a style unlike any other in the area.

By utilising clever design, material selection, lighting, and layout, it was possible to turn a small footprint into a larger-than-life property, while still delivering a family home that will be admired for generations. 


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