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Luxury Home in La Jolla

There was a time when Mexican design was synonymous with terracotta tiles, heavily textured stucco, and a jumble of strong colours – but not anymore. Modern Mexican design is sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist, and it’s everywhere! Swanky bars and restaurants across Australia now boast Mexican-inspired Instagram-worthy interiors, and this popularity carries through to luxury home design.

The La Jolla neighbourhood in California is widely known for its Mediterranean mood, stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, and exquisite homes. When we were approached to create a liveable family home with a Mexican minimalist Baja flavour, we immediately seized the opportunity to create something special that blended modern Australian design with Gaxiola’s Mexican heritage.

Despite its privileged setting, the owners did not want a typical trophy house that looked like a museum or art installation; instead, they wanted something that was both useful and pleasant to live in.

A combined design effort between three Mexican creatives who specialise in architecture, interiors, and landscape delivered an effortless result, influenced by minimalism, clean lines, and sophistication. Inspired by their own cultural background and deep understanding of how to utilise materials in their raw form, the Baja vibe is evident throughout.

There’s a strong presence of cement, raw concrete, and other industrial materials like cast iron and glass throughout the property – all reminiscent of traditional Mexican design – but here they’ve been used to create a very contemporary aesthetic. Brass tapware in the bathroom offsets the otherwise earthy muted tones. White oak floors made in Mexico are carried harmoniously throughout the home which is flooded with natural light via the fully stackable glass door systems, raised window area, and skylights. 

The layout maximises space through an interconnected floorplan that doesn’t require a lot of halls, offering an open plan living and dining space that flows out to the patio and pool area.

The outdoor green spaces take centre stage throughout every room in this home and were meticulously crafted by the Tijuana-based landscape architect who also incorporated new built raw materials with manicured elements for the added benefit of being low maintenance and drought resistant – an essential in sunny and dry California.

This home is proof of what the new modern Mexican is about. It was proudly designed by Mexicans for Mexicans in one of America’s most affluent beaches in La Jolla Shores, California.

Crafting an opulent interior is more than simply collecting costly items – it’s a form of art.

In this guide, you will discover the intricate details of constructing a lavish interior and you will learn to create the perfect living space.
We will explore all aspects of design: materials and finishes, architectural features, furniture selection and placement, lighting fixtures to set a mood or emphasize artwork and so much more.
Luxury dining and living area in Rose Bay showing Fendi, Hermes and Mario Bellini architects furniture

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