Luxury Residential in Kyle Bay

For a design to stand out, it must be more than just an amazing looking space. 

There must be something that gives it an edge, whether is compelling back story or a unique design element.

For this family home in Kyle Bay, I wanted it to stand out from the other homes in the neighbourhood and because the home was surrounded by gorgeous, lush greenery, I came up with the concept to turn it into a luxury “treehouse” of sorts.

The design featured a colour palette of cream and warm wood tones, with plenty of vast windows to flood the space with natural light and to frame the verdant scenery outside.

I sourced a lot of contemporary art of various areas around the home, so that the residence will feel like an eclectic and very comfortable treehouse for adults.

This bold luxury residence is located right on the waterfront in the beautiful green suburb of Lilyfield, just 6km west from the centre of Sydney.

This neighbourhood is enjoying a healthy rise in real estate value and locals are investing serious money to upgrade residential properties to suit the demand for luxurious and bespoke designs, with the added convenience of living in one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs.

To differentiate this project from the competition, Lorena Gaxiola employed the following elements:

BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE/ to differentiate it from the typical residential developments in the area.

BESPOKE FINISHES/ to evoke a sense of luxury, resulting in a residence that can enter the market with a multi-million-dollar residential valuation.

BLENDED INTERIORS/ to deliver a unique product offering in a traditional area.


living room with artwork, glass window and view