Lorena Gaxiola + Lasvit

Lorena Gaxiola Collaborates with LASVIT to Design a State-of-the-Art Synagogue in California

A major milestone for most designers is to design a place of worship because they don’t come around that often. When the congregation in Lorena’s hometown in southern California called, it was an immediate yes to take on board such an inspiring space.

As the design started to flourish, it was evident that the space was in need of sculptural elements in the form of lighting, especially because places of worship sadly now more than ever must be extremely secure.

The partnership between Lasvit and Lorena Gaxiola has resulted in a unique design, integrating cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics.

LG carefully curated the lighting selections and worked alongside Lasvit’s design team to fill the spiritual space with soothing and breathtaking movement of light with meaning and purpose.

The Herbarium Lighting captures and preserves the beauty of nature in a glass sculpture, bringing the serenity of the outdoors directly into its grand lobby.

The A:Live Lighting replicates natural changes in lighting throughout the day for a tranquil atmosphere perfect for the secluded areas, while Cipher Lighting is an elegant design inspired by surface patterns that adds unique visual interest to any architectural space.

Mist Lighting

Mist Lighting symbolizes ice crystals in motion – creating a magical ambiance that brings movement and life to the most private spaces.

And finally, Neverending Glory Chandelier provides an interplay between light and shadow with its rotating silhouette – making it a stunning sculptural installation perfect for illuminating spaces with high ceilings.

“I am honoured to have been part of this amazing project and I’m sure that The Chabad Center in La Jolla, California will be a stunning example for many more projects to come.”_Lorena Gaxiola

We are dedicated to pushing creative boundaries continually and working with Lasvit has allowed us to do just that. Our collaboration resulted in an exceptional design that combines natural elements with sophisticated technology creating an immersive worship experience like none other.

“It is my hope that this unique combination of beauty and technology inspires others as much as it inspired me.”

Lorena Gaxiola

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