Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies for Sunday Road

Last month, we unveiled a creation that was a feast for both the eyes and the palate. A collaboration between renowned Mexican designer Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies resulted in a unique beer can design that beautifully merged traditional Mexican art with contemporary aesthetics.

The design of this beer can was specifically crafted for Sunday Road, an independent brewery that Lorena Gaxiola had previously collaborated with to enhance their property expansion. Throughout the design process, Lorena Gaxiola and Gallies brought a fresh perspective to craft beer can design. The outcome is an artistic representation that captures the essence of the Mayans’ deep reliance on intuition, symbolized by an Owl – an Alebrije, a form of Mexican folk art. This captivating piece also symbolizes Lorena’s spirit animal, making the design deeply personal and resonant.

This design not only encapsulates the exceptional craftsmanship and delightful aromas that have made Sunday Road an award-winning brewery, but also pays homage to its local heritage and unwavering spirit of independence. The vibrant colours, patterns, and illustrations, inspired by traditional Mexican art and culture, make the beer cans truly stand out, reflecting the essence of the brand itself.

The inspiration behind this design is a celebration of cultures and diversity, exemplifying the essence of Australia. Lorena Gaxiola’s journey with Sunday Road, from designing their headquarters to their Mexican lager, is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of her team and the value they bring to our clients’ relationships. With an extraordinary ability to elevate everyday elements into works of art, Lorena Gaxiola continues to transform designs from ordinary to extraordinary.

For orders of this delicious beer, reach out to Sunday Road at https://sundayroadbrewing.com.au/.

Here’s to many more innovative collaborations! ¡Arriba Mexico Cabrones!

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