The Next Big Thing

The importance of great lobby design cannot be underestimated. The first impression is a long lasting one and those first few seconds when a guest first enters a building will set the tone for how they feel about the property development in general. If a potential buyer is not impressed with the lobby, it has a big impact on their overall perception of the development.

The lobby needs to provide the right arrival experience and feel welcoming, each and every time. Every design choice, from the colour scheme to the materials, should be made with this in mind. At Lorena Gaxiola, we like focus on these four elements when we are designing a lobby, to create a space that remains impressive to the residents.

Creating a sensorial experience: We want to tell a story through the design. One way to do this is to connect the space to its location, through the colour scheme, the choice of materials, and the artwork.

Design for a bigger pool than just the target market: You must keep the target market in mind, but it pays to look beyond and create something that more people will appreciate. In a way, the lobby is a marketing brochure for the property development and the creative team behind it, as guests of the residents will walk through the lobby and form their own opinions of it.

Style and textures: People spend very little time in the lobby as they are either on their way out or heading back home. Adding a variety of textures or styles to the space, such as textured walls or a statement chandelier, will allow people to take in the high design aesthetics of the space in the fleeting amount of time that they spend in it.

Functionality: At the end of the day, the lobby is a functional space within an apartment building, a commercial space or a hotel

It needs to fulfil the needs of the users. There must be a logical flow from the entrance to the concierge desk, mailboxes and lifts, and the whole space must be accessible for users and guests.

This bold luxury residence is located right on the waterfront in the beautiful green suburb of Lilyfield, just 6km west from the centre of Sydney.

This neighbourhood is enjoying a healthy rise in real estate value and locals are investing serious money to upgrade residential properties to suit the demand for luxurious and bespoke designs, with the added convenience of living in one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs.

To differentiate this project from the competition, Lorena Gaxiola employed the following elements:

BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE/ to differentiate it from the typical residential developments in the area.

BESPOKE FINISHES/ to evoke a sense of luxury, resulting in a residence that can enter the market with a multi-million-dollar residential valuation.

BLENDED INTERIORS/ to deliver a unique product offering in a traditional area.


living room with artwork, glass window and view