LG+Gallies | A Supportive Network of Female Creatives

One of the most fulfilling benefits I have discovered in leading a group of empowering women is our collective well-being. We not only provide emotional support to one another, but we actively contribute to each other’s psychological health – an invaluable asset that pays dividends beyond measure.

According to a study conducted at Harvard medical school, not having female friends can be just as detrimental to your health as smoking! Can you imagine the wellness benefits of being around girls from 9 to 5 every day? A girl gang in the workplace is like a powerhouse of positivity and energy.

We work in property and this industry is male-dominated and that’s a fact, another fact is that men see the world differently than us. Men tend to look outwards but women look inwards. Our Gallies is a super safe space where we build each other up to perform our best. A safe zone for women and a place where we are able to reach out for assistance when needed in order to reach peak maximum performance level.

To all the female professionals in our area of work, I would like to invite you to join forces with us. If we are going to be successful and make a mark in this industry, it is essential that we support one another. Female representation is overdue in property and the situation is starting to shift for the betterment of women—with many men eager and willing to cheer on their female counterparts.

My team of Gallies is a powerhouse because we understand that women need one another to achieve success – both professionally and personally. We have each other’s backs and together, our performance is at its best; the results speak for itself! Our portfolio proves how effectively we deliver remarkable talent with power.

Here’s to all the marvelous, hardworking women out there! Wishing you a wonderful International Women’s Day. Reach out to us if you’re looking for meaningful connections.

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