Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' Sustainable Farmhouse

Celebrities play a strong role in influencing consumer behaviour in any market, and when their personal spaces are shared publicly people often feel inspired to imitate or replicate some of their design decisions. Not everyone can afford a celebrity designer or designer furniture, but when publications such as Vogue tastefully describe the inspiration behind a celebrity’s custom home and the decision-making behind the beautiful spaces, it humanises the process of selecting home décor. Combined with gorgeous photography it gives consumers lots of inspiration and an opportunity to imitate or recreate a similar look for themselves.

What I love about this home is how it’s a reinvention of a time-honoured structure and a diversion away from a typical farm homestead. The proportions pay homage to a barn, but despite the exaggerated dimensions the space feels very warm and inviting.

The use of reclaimed materials means that despite the fact it’s a brand-new home, it has a certain aged charm to it. This, combined with the use of fabrics, metals, and concrete gives it character and sets it apart from anything else on the market. There’s a certain eclectic charm to the way it’s all been pieced together, which provides flexibility to include some items which would typically look out of place in a barn-style dwelling, such as the crystal chandelier. Its opulence is somewhat juxtaposed against the reclaimed timber, but it works perfectly as the space does have an undeniable grandeur to it.

I love this home for the standard it sets in reimaging something that’s not traditionally thought of as an architectural style for a home, turning it into a unique family space.

The innovative design of this home will allow people to visualize how you can still make an old structure feel glamourous, sophisticated, and unique. We don’t have to teardown well-lived structures and can instead celebrate the aging nature of materials. The building industry plays a huge part in waste and energy consumption so the more we can re-use and recycle the better. This is something I really admire in this home — sustainability with impeccable style.

As a designer, having this reference as an example on how a rustic look can still be glamorous, warm, modern, and edgy totally inspires me to promote this look because it showcases beautifully how renewable and recyclable materials can look fab.

I think it sets an exciting precedent and elements of this project will flow into property design across the world.



Furniture Made for Humans: The Nalgona Chair by Chris Wolston

Sometimes a chair’s just a chair… and sometimes it’s a focal point, sculpture, status symbol, bastion of social responsibility, and also… a chair.

Sculptural furniture provides an aesthetic purpose and an opportunity to interact with art. Chris Wolston is a New York Based, critically acclaimed artist whose work displays a playful adaptation of high- and low-end technology processes.

One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the use of natural materials and Chris Wolston’s Nalgona Chair collection is made from 100% ethically sourced Colombian mimbre (wicker) which has been masterfully woven into chairs resembling the human body. The ‘bodies’ almost beckon you to sit on them, with their comical or even grotesque forms. Like them or loathe them, there’s no denying you’ll remember them.

I love this chair because it’s a functional piece of art that ties the sophistication of New York with the earthiness of Colombia and it echoes his ethos of creating artful works of high and low-end combinations.

The unique pieces he created in the Nalgona series are sold-out. Chris Wolton has become a renowned named in the art world and people are starting to collect his works. Some of the unique ceramic functional furniture pieces start at AUD$10,000 and are available to purchase here. 

The trend for sculptural and custom-made furniture pieces is here to stay because they represent a sense of fashion couture due to the artistic qualities they deliver. Many artists have risen due to this bespoke trend in the luxury sector and just like art does, furnishings like these literally display emotion and an artful life of their own.

The Nalgona chair could easily suffice as an art feature because of its commanding presence. Let it be a focal piece in a corridor, a centrepiece in the courtyard, or a whimsical single chair in the dining room. It is bound to be a conversation starter.

These chairs are unique, not only because of their design, but for the multifaceted function they can have within virtually any space.

Bravo, Chris Wolton. LG Loves!



Framework Studio Office

Often, designers do not promote other design companies. At Lorena Gaxiola, we’re competitive individuals, but we also believe in celebrating other people’s creativity because studying what other creatives give birth to is a great way to keep up with innovation and excellence.

I find Framework Studio, an interior architecture firm based in Amsterdam, one of those studios that brings together a sense of modernism, simplicity, and minimalism which is curated in a very poetic way. They create beauty and style without compromising on function in any space they design.

Right now, people see minimalism as a way to keep things so simple that the design gains its beauty through the use of materials, shapes, and colours, but people do not really live like that. Framework Studio brings the quietness and poetic design that minimalism requires and makes it very liveable and easy to connect with. It’s easy to imagine yourself living in one of their spaces and utilising them rather than just admiring them like an installation at a museum or a display home suite.

I found them through their Instagram feed and they’ve been an inspiration for me ever since as I strive to improve my craft. They deliver colour, tradition, and differentiation in all their designs through a uniform yet diverse style. This studio design for example, is warm and inviting. It tells a story about the company, their branding, and their aesthetic. Through a great combination of furnishings and neutral and muted hues it’s clear bold creativity is encouraged there. The sculptural lighting and statues are welcoming and start a conversation in any room. As an art collector, seeing a studio that invests so much in its art is inspiring.



Partisan Lights

Lighting in a room should create more than just ambience. It should add new dimensions and character to a room – it should be sculptural – and that’s exactly what the Gweilo light is.

As an art collector and designer, I am always looking for unique and creative lights that change the mood of a room. The Gweilo lighting collection, by Canadian architecture firm Partisans, is a spectacular manifestation of whimsical flair and sophistication. 

Their work reminds me of what Frank Gehry did with deconstruction. He started this trend decades ago by deconstructing organic shapes to create unexpected architectural movements. Partisans deliver a modern take on Frank Gehry’s approach; they grab something that is structured, and break it down to create smooth lines with exciting, unexpected movement. The collection represents an elegant way to break away from the ordinary.

The technical elements of the collection are also fascinating. The lights are crafted from molten acrylic sheets that are moulded into place by hand at a workshop in Barcelona. LEDs are then distributed across them creating luminescent silhouettes that emulate natural movement in solid form.

I love how each one is unique and can be customised for each client. The Gweilo light is a piece that transforms an interior into a magical theatre that you will never get bored of.

Eclectic light design that shows individuality and a timeless appeal can never be forgotten.


living room with artwork, glass window and view