We’re a global interior, architecture and design agency based in Sydney specialising in tailored end-to-end services for property developers throughout Australia, the US, Europe and China.


With more than two decades of experience in the property sector, we design spaces with people in mind. By combining form and function in a practical way, we enhance your build to appeal to the right buyers. Through clever design and material selection, we provide bespoke style without complicating the process for you and offer end-to-end support for all your marketing collateral and visual assets, so you don’t need to coordinate with multiple agencies to get the job done.

Every project is led by award-winning designer Lorena Gaxiola herself, so you know you’re getting her expertise and guidance from beginning to end. With Lorena’s deep understanding of consumer demographics and wide breadth of international experience, you can be confident she will create the unique identity your development deserves.

Lorena’s way of working is simple – every project needs its own approach. Her services go well beyond interior design and styling, she creates spaces people want to live in. This is particularly important in large-scale residential developments, where the interior layout and amenities have a huge impact on the end-user and are often overlooked by those who design the initial concept.

Function is just as important as aesthetics when it comes to property development, and Lorena understands both in great depth. As an interior architect and designer, she works with you to maximise space and functionality while delivering unrivalled style and sophistication.

Smart design doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact, quite the opposite. Lorena’s vast experience has enabled her to deliver awe-inspiring designs across all price points without compromising on quality.


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Lorena Gaxiola

“Growing up in a country where rules are made to be broken made me a forward thinker. I don’t expect to change the world of design; I simply want to change people’s perception of conventional spaces.”

— Lorena Gaxiola

Lorena Gaxiola has been featured as an award-winning designer and leading industry innovator, respectively, in the following publications. 


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