Sophisticated Duplex Home in Edgecliff

This Midcentury duplex home was inspired by Japandi, a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian design. The style brings earthy neutral tones that are reminiscent of the home’s 70s heritage but the end result is a contemporary and practical design that offers functionality and aesthetic.

The theme of pared-back simplicity is featured all throughout the home. We created bespoke cabinetry to conceal the appliances and shelves in the open kitchen, while a simple yet opulent marble table serves as a centrepiece for the room and complements the large custom-made marble island.

Your attention is drawn to the dining table and the designer lights that add warmth to the space. However, there is no clutter or visual distractions from any additional furniture, as the dining table would likely become a resting place for clutter when the home is occupied.

The cream from the dining table is mirrored in the sofa in the living area, and an enclosed fireplace creates an inviting mood in the space.  The patterns in the marble and the floor rug breathe life into the space without disrupting the serenity, as they maintain the same colour palette from the rest of the house.

For the bedroom, I opted for the bare minimum of furniture and used wall panels to give the room an inviting, cosy feel despite the absence of certain furniture items that you might typically find in sleeping quarters.

It was refreshing for us to immerse ourselves in Japandi design for this project, as we had to really pare back and analyse what is really needed to enhance the space, something that good interior designers need to do in general for any style.

This bold luxury residence is located right on the waterfront in the beautiful green suburb of Lilyfield, just 6km west from the centre of Sydney.

This neighbourhood is enjoying a healthy rise in real estate value and locals are investing serious money to upgrade residential properties to suit the demand for luxurious and bespoke designs, with the added convenience of living in one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs.

To differentiate this project from the competition, Lorena Gaxiola employed the following elements:

BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE/ to differentiate it from the typical residential developments in the area.

BESPOKE FINISHES/ to evoke a sense of luxury, resulting in a residence that can enter the market with a multi-million-dollar residential valuation.

BLENDED INTERIORS/ to deliver a unique product offering in a traditional area.


living room with artwork, glass window and view