Luxury Residential in Sydney

As an American designer, one of the interior styles that our Australian clients often request is a typical Hamptons style, a look characterised by an abundance of natural light and a colour palette of cream, soft grey and various shades of blue, all to invoke the atmosphere and lifestyle of the Hamptons seaside destination in New York.

However, the Australian architecture landscape tend to be more modern and not completely suited for a good representation of the Hamptons style. This property in the Southern beaches of Sydney exemplifies how we are able to blend modern architecture with transitional Hamptons styling to create a cohesive product that blends the outside with the inside.

We added a few elements typical to the Hamptons style, such as light wood flooring and soft coloured furniture, and combined it with contemporary elements such as eye-catching glass and metal light fixtures in the living room, a coffee table featuring a textured base and translucent top, and mirrored cabinets in the bar area. The result is a design that suits the beachside location and is more in line with the modern architectural lines of the whole house.

An experienced design professional knows how to think out of the box and find that right balance between what the client wants and what is, in their professional view, suitable for the space.

This bold luxury residence is located right on the waterfront in the beautiful green suburb of Lilyfield, just 6km west from the centre of Sydney.

This neighbourhood is enjoying a healthy rise in real estate value and locals are investing serious money to upgrade residential properties to suit the demand for luxurious and bespoke designs, with the added convenience of living in one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs.

To differentiate this project from the competition, Lorena Gaxiola employed the following elements:

BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE/ to differentiate it from the typical residential developments in the area.

BESPOKE FINISHES/ to evoke a sense of luxury, resulting in a residence that can enter the market with a multi-million-dollar residential valuation.

BLENDED INTERIORS/ to deliver a unique product offering in a traditional area.


living room with artwork, glass window and view