Bowral: A Retirement Village Like No Other

I am delighted to share with you a case study of Bowral by Waterbook. This project is a highlight in my career because it showcases a product that was 100% designed with the end user in mind.

It has nothing to do with my personal taste or the company brand identity and everything to do with my client’s business, the market they are targeting, and our ability to create designs based on research and target profiling.

The truly global nature of the interior design industry never fails to surprise me. I’m an American, with a Mexican background, designing for a luxury retirement complex in n regional town close to Sydney, Australia. I would like to thank Mr Kevin Ryan and Liane Dobler for their trust, their impeccable taste, and their wealth of knowledge that was so invaluable to our team throughout the process.

The Brief

We had to design a 6-star luxury residential community for active seniors, made of up 100-plus dwellings that are a mix of villa and apartment units. The complex also includes a building for facilities such as a gym  and a swimming pool that can be used year-round.

The Target Market

Bowral by Waterbrook is targeted towards seniors who have retired and are looking to settle in their final home, somewhere in NSW’s Southern Highlands. Seniors who still maintain an active social life and will appreciate having easy access to hotel-quality comforts and amenities.

The Location

Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands, known for its charming boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, its heritage significance, and its beautiful natural landscape. The sense of community around Bowral is high and the town is also just a 90-minute drive from Sydney.

The Significance of its Heritage

The residential complex includes property that was once owned by the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College and the Waterbook team wanted to pay homage to the building’s history and heritage.

The Design Strategy

As much as people would like to think that interior design is based on just good taste, there is more than what meets the eye.

Great design it is based on strategy. In every project we undertake, we focus on both the “Design” and “Execution” side. The “Design” element is about staying within the client’s brief, about finding solutions to any concerns they might have, and about delivering the best outcome using the best method. The “Execution” focuses on enhancing the client’s branding and their vision of the project. Bowral by Waterbook is an excellent example of how we managed to marry both the Design and Execution side through the process.

The Highlights

The villas feature spacious, open-plan living areas with wide corridors and well-appointed kitchens and bathrooms. Each unit was designed to make the most of its views of the landscaped grounds.

The facilities building includes cafes, restaurants, bars and a function room, as well as health and wellness areas such as a swimming pool, gym, physiotherapy studio and areas for mindfulness activities such as meditation. There are also spaces for residents to socialise in, such as a library and games room, as well as an on-site cinema and a salon offering various beauty treatments.

LG’s Design Principles

We are proud of our work for Bowral by Waterbrook and felt this project is a showcase of all the design principles that the Lorena Gaxiola team follows for every job it takes on.

For every project, we are constantly reviewing the quality of our work by asking ourselves the following questions:

  • Are we telling a story?
  • Are we considering the local landscape?
  • Will the design make a lasting first impression?
  • Are we delivering the best to the end-user?
  • Did we create an experience?

Our team looks forward to applying our design principles to your project to turn it into something extraordinary. Contact us today to find out more.

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