4 Tips To Make A Small Bathroom More Functional

With the economy being unpredictable, people are more cautious when investing in buying property.


Consequently, many prospective buyers people prefer apartments where space can be an issue such as bathrooms which tend to be overlooked especially when considering things like functional layout and material choices.


The below tips will help you improve the function of your small bathroom without sacrificing its style.


  1. Make a statement.

Incorporate feature designer tiles into your small bathroom space to make a statement. Be fearless with your colour choices and don’t be afraid to mix and match different shades, hues and patterns.

  1. Add functional mirrors.

Design mirrors with storage, fun shapes and add lighting for extra fun.

  1. Maximize storage.

Clutter in small spaces is easy to come by, especially with bathroom essentials like toilet paper, towels, and hair dryers. Always ensure that proper storage for daily use and practicality are available or better yet add a feature light fitting to elevate the styling.

  1. Let in the light.

Brighten up your bathroom with natural light, if possible, whether it’s from windows or skylights. If not, add a spotlight in the shower and two over the vanity for some brightness or better yet add a feature light fitting to elevate the styling.

By following these tips, you can make any small bathroom more functional and stylish. Dare with colours, add mirrors, maximize storage, and keep things airy to create a spacious feel.

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