3 Ways to Maximise Performance When Designing in Property

I have been privileged to work with property developers in 3 continents, across many cultures, and without fail, performance has been the main factor behind our return business.

Here are 3 steps you can follow to help you maximise performance:


Because the property industry deals with hefty financial investments, effectively managing a budget is essential to ensure a return on these investments. This is done through:

Specifications. Grow your product knowledge as it is imperative to understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to material selection and their value.

Budget allocation. Make sure you allocate the budget to the areas the project will benefit the most.

Finally, adapt to reselections and be flexible to manage revisions while maintaining the project’s original design intention.


Adding value to your performance includes determining who your buyer is. You must determine where they come from, how they live, their economic background, how they commute as well as considering cultural sensitivities. Not everyone is looking for the same thing – some buyers are driven by convenience while others are driven by status. Don’t wait for someone to tell you this – do your homework and add value to the project by getting to know the customers.


Quality is a factor you need to consider in order to maximise performance. Your decision making, your documentation, and your team’s communication skills are a direct reflection of your business’ quality control. In 25 years, without fail, I can tell you that the success behind the relationships I’ve built with my clients lies on the measures that we take to maintain quality control across all of our responsibilities. General knowledge in budget management, the market and taking serious steps to improve the quality of your service are necessary to succeed in this industry.

It is important to consider these three points to help you improve your performance because the quickest way to lose a client is to not be on top of your game and the fastest way to building great relationships is to perform and generate great value.

By applying these three skills, you will be able to successfully manage your projects from Concept Design to Project Completion and Secure Return Business.

I hope this information was helpful, please share with us your curiosities to make sure we address your concerns right away.

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