2021: The Year that delivered Disruption and Determination

The end of the year is always a time of reflection and a time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished over the past 12 months.

As everyone is acutely aware, 2021 brought the same – if not more – of the pandemic induced uncertainty and disruption of 2020. At Lorena Gaxiola, we’ve been fortunate to have weathered the storm with minimal disruption to our operations. Having been working remotely on client projects around the globe for ten years, working from home didn’t affect our ability to service client needs with the same efficiency as before the pandemic.

We’re incredibly pleased to see The Lennox, the first project we embarked on after setting up our Sydney office, come to completion in Parramatta. The Gold Nugget award-winning development is the result of years of hard work from our team, but also EQ Constructions and developer Aoyuan International. The project delivers 414 hotel quality apartments for one of the state’s fastest-growing areas and sets a new standard for quality residential living in the city. It’s been a real achievement for us to showcase this through the delivery of The Lennox, which involved us curating the interior design of the entire building, from the penthouses, right down to the paint and styling in the fully automated parking garage.

We’re a small team but a force to reckon with because at Lorena Gaxiola, we are equipped to deliver large-scale and ambitious projects. In fact, by keeping our structure simple, we can provide great efficiency and special attention to our clients because we handpick the projects we undertake.

We also celebrated the completion of the Wavelength development in Cronulla, the start of Forest Lodge in Warriewood, and the continuation of the beautiful Waterbrook retirement resort in Bowral, which brings holiday style comfort and amenities to senior’s living in the picturesque Southern Highlands of New South Wales. All of these were large-scale developments and required extensive coordination and planning, and it’s been incredibly satisfying to see them come to fruition and develop to where they stand today.

2021 was also a year we invested in more resources for the company as we prepare for the post-Covid climate in 2022. Having survived two recessions in the U.S., I’ve seen the value of being prepared for the economic recovery phase, and I’m looking forward to expanding our services into next year and beyond.

We’ve increased our capabilities to now offering developers a full suite of marketing collateral services that can save them between 10 and 20 per cent of their marketing budget by consolidating these needs with us. As interior designers, we already have a deep understanding of a project and its documentation. By producing the necessary visual renders for marketing material, social media, and other digital content, we can remove the extra hassle and expense of briefing and hiring an additional agency to create the marketing assets you need. 

In line with this, we’re also in the process of launching a new business venture called Gallies to facilitate our employment growth opportunities. The concept was inspired by the need we saw for developers to have access to efficient, high-quality design and marketing services, and the need for creatives in this industry to have greater control over their employment opportunities.

Gallies is a platform that connects talent with property developers and provides end-to-end support for everything from design to visual assets, marketing, social media promotion, and everything in between. This all-female one-stop-shop creative agency specifically services the property sector, so you know you’ll get end-users with a comprehensive and emotional experience.

As the year draws to a close, the team at Lorena Gaxiola is so thankful for the amazing opportunities we’ve had amid this trying year but are also hopeful about the new wave of opportunities that lay ahead. We hope to continue to build great relationships with our existing clients and welcome new business relationships in the year to come!


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